Because where they go in the physical world reveals a lot about them.
Use Quadrant's location-based audiences for a successful campaign.


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Audience intent derived from offline behaviour

Target your audience based on the places they visit, or on their travel patterns - a more accurate way to reach your target segments compared to targeting with traditional attributes such as gender, age, education...

Automotive Audience


Accurate audiences built with high quality data

The quality of location-based audiences is determined by the accuracy and precision of the underlying data.

By partnering with Foursquare, we ensure that you are reaching the right audience at the right place.

Foursquare places database and Quadrant mobile location data

Features & Benefits


Access To APAC Audiences

Quadrant excels in providing audience segments in Asia Pacific. We use only data collected from SDKs, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your audience segments.


Advertise Anywhere

Quadrant’s audience segments can be used across multiple DSPs and platforms, you have the flexibility to advertise to your target audience through your preferred channel.


Customisable Segments

Create highly customised audience segments based on your campaign requirements. Or pick from one of our predefined segments.


500 Million Unique Reach

With 500 million unique reach across 19 countries, you are assured to get the scale of audience to fit your campaign needs.


Reach Your Consumers... And Your Competitors'

Whether you want to run a retargeting campaign or perform conquest marketing, Quadrant's audience segments can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Proprietary blockchain technology

Flexible Segmentation Criteria

Segment by  industries such as Automotive, Food & Beverages, and Hotels, or by brands such as Mcdonald's, Walmart and Nike.

Types of Audiences


By Brand


Audiences Brands


Audiences segmented by brand visits.
Examples: Adidas, Nike, Ben & Jerry's, Burger King, Audi, BMW
+ Many more

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By Category


Audiences Categories


Audiences segmented by visits to places.
Examples: Fast Food, Cafe & Bars, Books & Magazines, Supermarkets, Soccer, Golf
+ Many more

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Custom Request


custom audience request


Customised audience segments built based on your campaign requirements.

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