Where consumers go in the physical world reveals a lot about their intent and behaviour. Quadrant Audiences are built off visitation and movement patterns, allowing you to perform geo-targeted advertising in the Asian Pacific (APAC) region.

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Reach These Types Of Audience Segments

These are some of the types of audience segments you could advertise to through Quadrant Audiences.

Loyal Customers

Loyal Customers

Reach audiences who visits your location regularly.

Lapsed Customers

Lapsed Customers

Reach audiences who used to visit your location but haven’t been back recently.

Competitors Customers

Competitor's Customers

Reach audiences who regularly visit your competitor’s locations.

Drive By Audiences

Drive-By Audiences

Reach audiences who regularly commute past your location.

Predefined Audiences

Audiences Brands


Brands Audience Segments

Audiences segmented by brand visits.

Examples: Adidas, Nike, Ben & Jerry's, Burger King, Audi, BMW

+ Many more

Download list of available segments here


Category Audience Segments

Audiences segmented by visits to places.

Examples: Fast Food, Cafe & Bars, Books & Magazines, Supermarkets, Soccer, Golf

+ Many more

Download list of available segments here

Audiences Categories


Custom-Built Audiences

Our data experts and data science team will work to create customised audience segments based on your campaign requirements.

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Use Quadrant's Audiences In 3 Easy Steps

You can use Quadrant's audience segments in 3 easy steps.

Request Your Required Audience Segment

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Define your target audience using Quadrant's predefined audience segment or by building a customised audience segment.

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Activate your audience segments through one of our partnering DSPs or by manually uploading the audience segments to a social media site of your choice.

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Run your ads and enjoy the results! You can further refine your audience segments using your chosen platform's ad targeting tool.