Join the network of leading corporations, start-ups and researchers who are working to build solutions for the Asia Pacific region that help organisations understand the effects, mitigate the risks and optimise their solutions during a pandemic like COVID-19. 

The Asia Pacific Data Alliance

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on businesses and our society. This has highlighted the importance of data and technologies to understand and adapt to on-going challenges which are changing in real-time. The alliance fosters knowledge-sharing among corporations, start-ups and researchers to create a community dedicated to actively ideate, debate and build innovative concepts, insights and solutions.

As part of the alliance, Quadrant will be making APAC location data sets available for research and product development.


Who are we?

Quadrant is a location technology company based in Singapore.  We work with mobile app publishers globally and collect GPS location data on over 400 million devices monthly.  We offer one of the broadest and deepest panels available of raw GPS location data signals on a global basis, and with delivery frequency available as low as every 5 minutes.

Our APAC data feed covers over 100 million devices and 50 billion events per month, and includes location attributes (i.e. Latitude, Longitude, Horizontal Accuracy, Timestamp, Geohash, and more).  You will be able to find a full list of all attributes in our data dictionary.


What solutions can be created with location data?

Location data has been at the forefront of research during the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments, NGOs, corporations and start-ups are all trying to understand the impact this virus will have. Examples of some interesting uses and solutions include:

  - Impact assessment of COVID-19 on industries, resources and asset allocations

  - Cluster analysis for virus tracing and identification of future high-risk areas across cities, regions or countries

  - Planning and optimising when to start opening businesses, sectors and geographical areas 

  - Identify new customers and business opportunities

  - Reach and communicate with people at risk



"Healthcare facilities and technology companies here are tapping artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak...  Location data can be used in combination with other types of data to uncover previously unknown insights.  For example, we know that the severity of Covid-19 in part depends on viral load and dosage.  And so marrying medical data (such as chest X-ray results) with location data, we may be able to uncover hotspots where people contract the virus more seriously." - The Straits Times



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