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Announcement 7 Feb

Gain Insights from Seasoned Industry Experts about Location Data Analytics

Join us for a fireside chat with Senior Data Consultant Glenn Harrison and Data Scientist Roger Ganga as they share their insights and experiences in location data analytics. In this series, Quadrant will highlight the importance of reliable, targeted location data analysis. They will use real-life examples to explain how this data, properly used, offers a brighter and more comfortable future for people everywhere.


Event Details

21 February 2019, 6.30pm – 9.00pm

70 EON Shenton, Singapore 079118



6.30pm – 6.45pm:             Registration @ L1 Concierge

6.45pm – 6.50pm:             Welcome Remarks

6.50pm – 7.20pm:             Making Right Decisions with The Right Data

7.20pm – 7.30pm:             Open Mic Session

7.30pm – 9.00pm:             Networking, End of Event


Why is Location Data so crucial?

For businesses, location data is the key to success. In the desert there is a saying: water is life. For many enterprise businesses, the saying should be that data is life. Data is essential to helping organisations identify the habits, needs, and wants of their customers and potential customers. A company without data is like someone lost in the desert with no route to the nearest oasis. This reality is borne out by experience.


The aggregate of all of the tiny pieces of information generated each time a person does something with a mobile device – their data – is extremely useful in the aggregate. Every time you buy a latte with the Starbucks app, or tap your phone to pay for a ride on the Metro, or ask Google where the nearest ramen shop is, your phone generates data. Individually, these datapoints are meaningless. But taken as a whole – comprising the mundane activities of millions of people on an ongoing basis – they are a map of the desert.


Good Data = Good Decisions?

Reliable, targeted location data analysis offers a brighter, more comfortable future for people everywhere. It allows businesses – as well as governments and other organisations – to direct their resources where they are most useful and meaningful. This is a benefit for consumers, and it will be increasingly essential for businesses.









Glenn Harrison, Senior Data Consultant, Quadrant

Glenn Harrison has worked in data-driven marketing industry for over 20 years, helping businesses enhance their data strategies and marketing campaigns. He joined Quadrant, seeing the company as uniquely positioned to use location data to help businesses optimise their services and better meet the needs of their customers, especially in the ASEAN region. Glenn believes Quadrant has laid a strong foundation and is well equipped to grow and capture market share in this fast growing industry.




Roger Ganga, Data Scientist & Solidity Engineer, Quadrant

Roger is a seasoned data professional with expertise in data, blockchain, and machine learning. Roger currently leads data science and machine learning initiatives at Quadrant, a blockchain-based platform for data verification and mapping. In this role he brings new data science and machine learning opportunities to the company, working with AI partnerships. He is a part of the core development team and is involved in building the Quadrant blockchain, reviewing Android SDK development, and checking data quality.




Topics of Discussion: Location Data, Data Quality