Creative ad week 

16 May 2019, 7.00pm - 9.00pm, 70 Shenton Way Singapore 079118

How do you generate more leads, increase brand awareness and grow visitor traffic?

Does it always have to be a gut feeling?

Has a client ever said, "Advertising is really expensive, but I need it to promote my products and services. How can you determine ROI if I am going to do this?"

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Research by eMarketer from February 2019 projects that marketers will spend US$26.5 billion in mobile location-targeted advertising in 2019. It is essential that brands understand the different strategies and tactics available in order to target their audiences effectively and achieve their business objectives. 
How can data provide creative advertising agencies a new marketing edge?
When you leverage data, you rely on facts and figures instead of gut feeling. The goal is "Personalisation". Today, understanding data and the patterns that your consumers create in real-time are central to reaching your targeted audience. The Where, When and How factor are key to delivering ROMI to your campaigns.
Join The Quadrant Team this 16th May at our Singapore Headquarters to find out more!


Event Details 

Thursday, 16 May 2019, 7.00pm - 9.00pm | Eon Shenton, 70 Shenton Way, Level 6, Singapore 079118



6.45pm: Registration, Level 1 Concierge

7.00pm: Welcome Remarks

7.05pm - 7.30pm: The Proof in Advertising Performance

7.30pm - 8.00pm: Audience Exchange Platform/Open Mic Session

8.00pm - 9.00pm: Networking

9.00pm: End of Event




Roger Ganga, Data Scientist | Solidity Engineer, Quadrant linkedin-logo-copy

A seasoned data professional with expertise in data, blockchain and machine learning proficient in various programming languages and operating systems such as Solidity, Python, NodeJS, AWS and many more. Roger currently leads the data science team and machine learning initiatives at Quadrant. In his role, Roger brings new data science and machine learning opportunities to the company, working with AI partnerships. He is a part of the core development team and is involved in building the Quadrant blockchain, reviewing Android SDK development, and checking data quality.


Panel Speaker


Qi Xuan, Data Scientist, Quadrant linkedin-logo-copy

Qi Xuan is part of the data science team in Quadrant where he works alongside his team members on a day to day basis and creates new industry based initiatives. His capabilities includes proficiency in Python, Java, SQL and many more. Qi Xuan is interested in the ways data can be used to provide real-world problem solving solutions to enterprise and consumers.

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Topics: Data Analytics, Location Based Targeting, Targeted Advertising, Creative Advertising, Audience Segmentation