23rd May 2019, Quadrant Headquarters, Singapore


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SINGAPORE x australia collaborative

A collaboration with Real Skills Education

Real Skills Education (RSE) was founded on the belief that true education should not be solely bounded by academics. RSE recognise that organic interaction and soft skills remains key for day to day practice. Real Skills Education is a non-for-profit organization with one goal, to help university students integrate into the workforce through soft and technical skills workshops and programs. Real Skills has expanded to all over Australia with our main operations occurring within Sydney, throughout UNSW, USyd and UTS, RSE impact have grown to over 5000 students within Sydney alone.

About The Program

The Engineering Power-Up Program will be an exciting journey for 28 of RSE highly adept students who will undergo a 6 month training phase, learning highly versatile and transferable skills - Python, CAD and Arduino. The students will then travel to Singapore for a 2 weeks International Hackathon that will push the students to their limits, having to conceptualize and design a solution that will effectively overcome a social impact of their own choosing.

Working with RSE, Quadrant will be providing these 28 students with the ability to utilize Data Science to its maximum capacity, giving them another skill in their arsenal to accomplish their 2 week mission. 




Roger Ganga, Data Scientist | Solidity Engineer, Quadrant linkedin-logo-copy

A seasoned data professional with expertise in data, blockchain and machine learning proficient in various programming languages and operating systems such as Solidity, Python, NodeJS, AWS and many more. Roger currently leads the data science team and machine learning initiatives at Quadrant. In his role, Roger brings new data science and machine learning opportunities to the company, working with AI partnerships. He is a part of the core development team and is involved in building the Quadrant blockchain, reviewing Android SDK development, and checking data quality.