Of Interest (POI) Data

Go beyond to gain context and deeper insights.

Quadrant suite of POI Data endows your location data and geospatial applications with a contextual layer of comprehensive and actionable information of landmarks, key features, and business areas from around the globe.

Features & Benefits


Gain deeper insights with poi data

Deeper Insights With Context to  Behaviour

Quadrant's POI Data combined with mobile location data provides a true respresentation of your audiences' movements, providing  deeper insights on the behaviour of your target audience.

poi categories

Classified Into Categories For Easier Analysis

Quadrant classifies our POI Data into 19 categories of what is available in the real world, such as "Food & Beverage" and "Retail", to deliver meaningful data.

poi data updated regularly

Updated Regularly

Quadrant's POI suite is updated on a weekly basis to ensure you always have the most up-to-date and accurate real-world locations that match their described context.

Use Cases


Site Visitation and Footfall Analytics


Catchment Area Analysis


Origin-Destination Analysis


Business Performance Forecast


Store Location and Placement  Analysis


Real Estate Investment Analysis

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