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Quadrant’s Service Credits combine blockchain’s unparalleled capabilities with the stability and convenience large businesses need.

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Seamlessly access the world’s most cutting-edge data platform

Quadrant's Service Credits allow customers to use Quadrant’s blockchain-powered data platform, painlessly by purchasing Service Credits – the QUAD tokens that underpin the ecosystem – directly from Quadrant.

Customers utilise Service Credits as payment for services on the Quadrant.io platform in a manner that is flexible, can be invoiced, with less administrative effort. The first service available is Data Stamping, with more services coming soon via our AI/Microservices Layer in March 2019.



Priced at 1USD; additional tax applicable to Singapore Residents or companies

The price of each Service Credit will be fixed at 1 USD.

Purchases will be made via PayPal.

Any purchase made by Singapore Residents or companies may be subject to 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Buy Service Credits


Making it easy yo get the most out of data

Making it easy to get the most out of data

Quadrant’s Service Credits are the gateway to accessing specialized data and AI tools that streamline the way you work with data, helping you build efficiently and meet the needs of your customers.

Access a more connected data universe

Quadrant is the industry leader for mapping large amounts of information into usable datafeeds that are authentic and meet the needs of your business.

Powering a more connected data universe

Cleaning up the data space

Cleaning up the data space

Quadrant verifies the authenticity and provenance of all the data it processes, giving you full confidence that the information driving your decisions has not been falsified or tampered with.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use Service Credits?

Quadrant’s Service Credits is for all professionals who work with data and data tools. Credits bought via the program can be used to access services on the Quadrant platform.

Where are the QUAD tokens coming from?

For every QUAD service credit purchased through the platform, one eQUAD will be taken out of circulation on the open market to be used as credit and payment on the platform.

In other words, Quadrant will buy eQUAD tokens on the open market at prevailing rates, and then send QUAD to the purchaser’s account in the form of Service Credits. This process will approximately take 48 hours to complete.

How are Service Credits priced?

Each credit is priced at $1 US Dollar. Purchases made by Singapore residents or companies may subject to Goods and Services Tax.

When will the tokens show up in my account?

Your Service Credits should appear in your account within 48 hours of completing the purchase.

What can I use Service Credits for?

Credits can be used as a means of payment for services offered on the Quadrant platform.The first services available are Data Stamping and Verification. New services will be introduced at the end of Q1 2019.

Can I convert QUAD tokens back into eQUAD?

Service credit QUADs can only be used for services on the platform. Service credit QUADS bought on the platform are non-refunable and cannot be converted into a tradeable cryptocurrency like eQUAD. Accounts that were used to buy service credits will have their ability to convert QUADs into eQUAD disabled.