Gain Unique Audience Insight, Perform Highly Targeted Advertising and Measure Marketing Effectiveness with Location Intelligence.

Achieve higher ROMI with Quadrant’s location intelligence solution

Quadrant’s location intelligence solution can help marketing professionals make informed marketing decisions, segment audiences, craft customised marketing communication, or create new products and services.

Analyse Audience Behaviour

Analyse audience behaviour with location data

Explore, Analyse and Understand audience behaviour, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns and more with Quadrant’s Location Data.

Observe customers’ journeys leading up to a purchase, measure how long they stay in your store, track their journey after they leave you, observe visitation patterns by days of weeks and time of day.

The insights gained can drive powerful marketing decisions and bring your campaign to the next level.

Personalised Communication and Creatives

Personalised communications with location data

Deliver customised and contextually relevant messages to your target audience with Quadrant’s location data.

Quadrant’s location data enables you to understand the characteristics and behaviour of your audiences so that you can craft and deliver marketing communication that hits home with your target audience.

Additional Depth in Audience Segmentation

segmentation with location data

Gain additional depth in your audience segment by incorporating movement data, visitation behaviour, and demographic characteristics into your segmentation analysis.

Identify most and least popular places of interest amongst your target segment.

Find out which route your target segment most commonly used.

Segment your audiences by their unique movement pattern and behaviour.

By going in-depth and creating micro-segments, you can tailor your offerings and communication to achieve maximum impact in your marketing campaign.

Targeted Advertisements

targeted advertising

Run targeted advertising with higher level of granularity.

Using Quadrant’s location data and algorithms, you can target audience by proximity or by behaviour.

Maximise your resources and boost your conversion rate with location-based targeted advertisements.



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