Quadrant's Mobile App Monetisation Program

Quadrant helps app publishers to build an additional revenue stream by monetising their data.

Make Data Work For You

Quadrant is an industry leading data platform for organisations. We offer specially developed monetisation programs to turn high value datafeeds into recurring revenue, as well as provide specialised tools that allow data buyers to better analyse and work with data they can be confident in.

App developers are facing increasing challenges and stiff competition. As leaders in the data economy, we understand the challenges you face. Quadrant helps you sustain revenues by identifying high value data, provide tools to understand user needs and habits, and maintain compliance with ever-expanding regulatory frameworks.


revenue for app publishers

Sustainable Recurring Revenue

Receive regular payments, build an additional revenue stream and diversify your income sources.


regulartory compliant

Respecting Privacy

Quadrant is committed to respecting consumer privacy and data protection laws. We will work closely with App Publishers to be compliant with relevant data privacy laws.



User Insights & Analytics

Quadrant will provide you deep insights into the behaviour of your users to reduce your attrition and help you retain users.

Why Quadrant's App Monetisation Program

  • Quadrant’s SDK is engineered to be lightweight, with minimal impact to battery life and user experience.
  • Paid apps drive away users who are unwilling to pay.
  • Free apps scale fast but don't bring in immediate revenue.
  • In-app advertising is disruptive to user experience.
  • Quadrant's App Monetisation Program is non-disruptive and generates immediate revenue.


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