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Generate new revenue from data that is already being collected from your apps - don't let it go to waste!

Passive and recurring - hands free and does not interfere with your app.


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How it works

Integrating and earning with Quadrant is simple and fast.


How to use audience segment 1


Integrate Quadrant SDK

Integrate Quadrant's SDK into your mobile app.

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Publish your updated app into the Playstore or Apple's App Store.

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Start generating passive income!


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Why Quadrant?

passive revenue

Passive  Monthly Payout

No maintainance is needed once Quadrant's SDK is integrated into your app. 

Privacy Compliant

Compliance with Privacy Regulations

No personal data will be collected. Quadrant is committed to respecting consumer privacy and data protection laws. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Light SDK

Low footprint SDK

Quadrant's SDK is one of the smallest SDK in the market. Our SDK has a battery consumption of less than 1%.

easy sdk integration

Easy SDK Integration

It takes less than 30 minutes to integrate Quadrant's SDK - nothing more!

Frequently asked questions



What data do your SDK collect?

Quadrant's SDK collects only anonymised location data. No personal data or PII will be collected. We ensure that you will be in compliance of privacy laws.


How does Quadrant use the data collected?

Location data presents a myriad of opportunities for business owners. Knowing where their customers are provides companies with the power to access them and to effectively promote their products or services at the right place and time. For more information, check out our use cases.


How much revenue can I get? How does Quadrant price my data?

The amount of revenue you can generate is determined on a host of factors (volume, depth, uniqueness of the data etc.). Quadrant's team will analyse these factors to give you a fair pricing.


Earn passive revenue in less than 30 minutes

Earn Passive Revenue Now!