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Our data verification protocol ensures transparency on the data source and serves as a seal of approval that the data we provide are authentic and high quality.


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Location Intelligence


Leverage on Quadrant's location data to get insights into critical business decisions and design the best solutions to grow your organization.

We are committed to respecting consumer privacy and data protection laws. We ensure all data collected by us is compliant with and adheres to the Data Privacy Laws relevant to our data provider.



Marketers & Advertisers

Perform targeted advertising, customer segmentation and more.

Institutional Investors

Analyse store visitation traffic and predict retail performance.




Analyse foot traffic and find the best place for your next retail site location. 


Origin and destination analysis to plan transport route.



Raw Location & Movement Data
(Raw Data)

Understand consumer behaviour and urban dynamics with granular, anonymized location data derived from mobile SDKs. Over 76 million devices across the world.


  • Discover what audiences like and where they like to go.
  • Know how people flow through cities, streets, and locations.
  • Analyze footfall patterns.
  • Quadrant can help refine raw location data to suit your business needs.



Point of Interest Data

Gain deeper insights on where your audience are visiting with Point of Interest data (POI). We have over 85,000 POIs, across 19 Categories. These points are updated weekly.


  • Conduct footfall analysis.
  • City planning.
  • Local search.
  • Location placement
  • Business analytics.




Location Graph Data - Asia
(Visitation Data)

Gain insights into offline consumer behaviour by analysing place visitation data of consumers in Singapore. Our Location Graph data is a data feed of resolved visits data by over 3 million devices in Singapore.


  • Understand footfall patterns in over 80k points of interest.
  • Build location based audiences for marketing campaign targeting and personalization.
  • Build location based audiences for marketing campaign targeting and personalization.
    Gain deep insights to map the online to offline consumer journey.


Learn to Leverage the Power of Location Data

Learn how you can leverage Location Data with our Use Case Fact Sheet. In the Fact Sheet, we have compiled some examples of how businesses use Location Data and the results they achieve.

 Download Fact Sheet Here

Location Data Use Case

Alternative Data

Data is power. Check out Quadrant's alternative data to suit your data needs.



Reuters News Feed

Tap into Reuters' trusted professionalism to make the decisions that matter the most to you. Work through increasing risk and regulatory complexity by leveraging upon Reuters' global insights and independent news services. We have:

  • Asian Business Report
  • European Business Report
  • North American Business Report
  • Reuters World Services


With Reuters News Feed, you can:

  • Conduct Financial Analysis & Market Research.
  • Perform AI and Machine Learning.

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