Location and Movement Data

Understand consumer behaviour and urban dynamics with granular, anonymized location data derived from mobile SDKs.


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Location and Movement Data

Quadrant's Location and Movement Data is mobile location data collected from a variety of SDKs.


Covering the World with Data Insights on more than 76 Million Devices

 Our data cover places such as North and South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Africa.

Raw and Refined Location Data

Filter data by quality and geography. Pay only for the data attributes you require!

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Regulatory Compliance

Quadrant is committed to respecting consumer privacy and data protection laws. All SDK Data Partners we work with need to sign off on our standard Data Acquisition Agreement, which includes a specific clause relating to privacy. This ensures any data provided to us has been collected in accordance with the relevant Privacy Laws of the respected Data Provider.

Why Location and Mobility Data


  • Discover what audiences like and where they like to go.
  • Know how people flow through cities, streets, and locations.
  • Analyze footfall patterns.
  • Do highly targeted marketing and advertising.

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