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Types Of Location Data Products

Every business has its own data requirements. Browse through the various type of location data to find the right one for your business needs.

Quadrant can help you segment, tailor or filter the data in accordance with your data requirements.


Movement Data

Location & Movement Data

Understand consumer behaviour and urban dynamics with granular, anonymized location data derived from mobile SDKs, fed by over 76 million devices across the world.


  • Discover what what your customers want, where and when.
  • Understand how people flow through cities, streets, and locations.
  • Analyse footfall patterns.
  • Quadrant can help refine raw location data to suit your business needs. 


Point of Interest Data

Gain deeper insights about where your audience is with Point of Interest (POI) data. Quadrant has over 85,000 POIs, updated weekly across 19 categories.


  • Conduct footfall analysis.
  • City planning.
  • Local search.
  • Location placement
  • Business analytics.
point of interest data

location graph

Location Graph Data - Asia
(Visitation Data)

Gain insights into offline consumer behaviour by analysing the place-visitation data of consumers in Singapore. Our location graph data is drawn from over 3 million devices in Singapore.


  • Understand footfall patterns in over 80,000 points of interest.
  • Build location-based audiences for targeted marketing campaigns and product personalisation.
  • Gain deep insights to map the online-to-offline consumer journey.


*Please contact us for more information on Location Graph Data.


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location data for marketers

Location Data for Marketers

  • Perform targeted marketing and advertising.
  • Organise audiences by segment.

  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing and advertising efforts.


location data for retailers

Location Data for Retailers

  • Location Selection.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Customer analysis.
location data for investors and financial services

Location Data for Institutional Investors & Financial Services

  • Customer visitation and attribution.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Benchmarking.
location data for transport

Location Data for Transport

  • Origin and destination analysis.

  • Location insights.

Learn More About Location Data

Learn more about the various types of location data and how you can leverage location intelligence
to take your business to the next level with Quadrant.


All About Location Data

Read more about the various sources of location data, and the implications it has on the quality and accuracy of the data.

Learn a few location analytics methods and techniques, and gain a few ideas on how your business could benefit from location intelligence.


Learn More About Location Data


Location Data Use Case Factsheet

Learn how you can leverage Location Data with our Use Case Factsheet, where we list examples of how businesses are using location data to achieve positive results.

In this factsheet, you will find:

  • How companies use location data;
  • The results they achieve;
  • Examples of insights that can be gained from location data; and
  • Current Issues within the Data Economy.

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Location Data Use Case

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