Location Data Products

Quadrant’s location data products allow businesses and organizations to perform sophisticated location analytics and derive location based intelligence.

Our ecosystem is designed to filter, source and transact verified real-time location data from around the world with transparency and efficiency.



Quadrant Platform processes over 20 billion records per month, including real-time mobile location data from over 500 million devices from around the world, authenticated and secured by our blockchain-powered Quadrant Protocol.

 We are constantly improving the location panel available on our platform.

To know more about our platform or ask for any specific data set, contact us and our team will help you. 


mobile location data

Mobile Location Data

Understand consumer behaviour and urban dynamics with granular, anonymized location data derived from mobile SDKs.

points of interest data

Point of Interest Data

Combine mobile location data with Point of Interest (POI) data and gain deeper insights about your targeted audience.

 MOBILE Location Data

Quadrant Mobile Location Data are data drawn from billions of mobile devices across the world.


over 500 million devices

500 Million Devices

Quadrant has mobile location data of approximately 500 million devices monthly, improving the accuracy and reliability of your statistical findings.



Real-Time Global Location Data

Quadrant provides location data solutions to businesses around the world.

Our mobile location data comes from across the planet in real time, enabling our platform to assess areas as big as a continent and as small as a street.


real time global data
Data secured by a blockchain protocol

High-Quality Data Secured by a Blockchain Protocol

We understand that there are high levels of data overlap in the data marketplace.

Quadrant Protocol uses blockchain technology to authenticate and map disparate data, allowing users to design products and make decisions based on high-quality sources.

Our technology is built to improve the efficiency and speed of your data processes, with features such as automatically recognizing and weeding out duplicated data, or time-stamping your feeds to ensure quality and provenance.


Tailored Solutions for Your Data Needs

At Quadrant, we know that every business has its own specific set of data requirements.

Which is why Quadrant helps you to segment, tailor or filter the data in accordance with your data needs.

Contact us and our experts will answer your questions and help with your needs.

Tailored Solutions



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Point Of Interest Data (POI)

Quadrant POI Data endows your location data with a new layer of actionable information around a specific location or place of interest.


deeper insights, customizable area

Deeper Insights, Customizable Area

Quadrant's POI Data combined with Mobile Location Data extracts deeper insights into your audience behaviour in customizable areas.



POI Categories

Quadrant Platform accurately organises POI Data into 19 categories, such as food & beverage and retail, to improve your location analytics processes.




Constantly Updated

Our POI Data is updated on a weekly basis to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information.



Visitation Graph (Singapore)

Gain insights into offline consumer behaviour by analysing the place-visitation data of consumers in Singapore.


over 3 million devices

Over 3 Million Devices

Our location graph data is drawn from over 3 million devices in Singapore.



Over 80,000 Points of Interests

Understand footfall patterns in over 80,000 Points of Interests.

Discover and map the online-to-offline consumer journey and build location-based strategies, from targeted marketing campaigns to product personalisation.

over 80000 points of interest

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