Leverage The Power Of Location Data


Find out how one company tripled the national average post-click conversion rate.


In this use case fact sheet, you will find:


How companies use location data

How companies use location data for business insights and to carry improve their marketing effectiveness.


Examples of insights that can be gained from location data and the results achieved

Gain valuable insights such as customer preference, attribute store visits and purchases to ads, and run targeted advertising.


Issues with the data economy

Cross contamination of data, disparate sources, and lack of transparency will have a real-world impact.



location data use case

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A  Preview Inside Quadrant's Location Data Use Case


Location Data Use Case Snippet 1

Geo-targeted advertising has been shown to triple post-click conversion rates.

Find out how

Location-based segmentation allows businesses to personalise their advertisements based on visitation and movement patterns.

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Location Data Use Case Snippet 2

Location Data Use Case Snippet 3

Geolocation data allows organizations to understand customer intent and anticipate the needs of customers based on their offline behaviour. Enabling businesses to roll out better customer loyalty initiatives, upsell to customers, and develop better products and services.

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