Find the who, where, and how of luxury travel Effectively

Luxury travel is one of the biggest sources of revenue for the travel and tourism sectors, yet the ability to effectively attract them seems to be increasingly elusive.

Find out how the usage of location data can help businesses in the travel and tourism sectors accurately attract these high-end customers and more in this informative e-book curated by Quadrant.

The luxury travel segment is poised to face huge growth in upcoming years. Can your organisation find where this growth is coming from?



 measure marketing effectiveness

Who are the travelers in the luxury travel segment?



Where - Globe

Where do travelers in the luxury travel segment travel to?



digital out of home marketing

What are the travel habits these travelers and how can you attract them?

Incredible, Actionable Insights on Luxury Travel in Asia - All Enabled by Location Data

The examples may be from Asia, but the methodology and insights are global. Grab your copy now to find out how your organisation can employ location data to effectively find the luxury travel segment effectively and retain them, ensuring you don't miss out on potential growth opportunities.



Luxury Traveller Ebook