Sports and Fitness Companies Can Now Use Location Data


Identify the optimal spot to place your vending machine or outdoor ads for maximum ROI.


In this use case fact sheet, you will find:


How to identify potential customers hotspots

See how you could identify potential customer hotspots with mobile geolocation data and learn what you could do to convert them into customers.


Insights into the behaviours of Singaporean fitness enthusiast

Gain valuable insights into the behaviour of Singaporean fitness enthusiat - made possible from location data.


Top ten convenience stores which Singaporean fitness enthusiast visits

Convenience is key to selling sports beverages, find out the top convenience stores which Singaporean fitness enthusiast regularly visits.



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A Preview Inside Quadrant's Industry Use Case


Fitness location data Use Case Snippet 1

The growing population of sport and and fitness enthusiasts is reflected in the increasing demand for sport-related lifestyle goods and services, find out how the usage of location data can help businesses catering to sports enthusiasts.

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Position your assets to the right location, target your ads to the right people. See what location data can do for you.

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Location Data Use Case Snippet 3

Geolocation data allows organizations to understand customer intent and anticipate the needs of customers based on their offline behaviour. Enabling businesses to roll out better customer loyalty initiatives, upsell to customers, and develop better products and services.

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