getting ahead of the competition with location data

The growing population of sport and and fitness enthusiasts is reflected in the increasing demand for sport-related lifestyle goods and services, which are gaining popularity among this segment.

Find out how the usage of location data can help businesses catering to sports enthusiasts accurately attract these customers and more in this informative e-book curated by Quadrant.

With an increasing interest in living an active lifestyle, is your brand ready to cater to this segment of enthusiasts?



 Who are these Sport Enthusiasts?

Who are the travelers in the sport & fitness enthusiasts segment?



Origin and Destination of Sport Enthusiasts

Where do these enthusiasts train, and what do they do before and after?



digital out of home marketing

When do these enthusiasts train and how does that information affect your strategy?

See How Location Data Can Give Incredible Insights Into The Sport & Fitness Enthusiast Markets

The examples are from Singapore, but the methodology and insights can be global across industries. Grab your copy now to find out how your organisation can employ location data to effectively target and cater to these enthusiasts no matter the industry your organisation is in - apparel, sports gear, performance nutrition, logistics and the like. This eBook could be your inspiration to ensure you don't miss out on potential growth opportunities.


Fitness Use Case eBook