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How Quadrant's Geospatial Solutions Helps Businesses



Customer Behaviour Analysis

Explore, analyse and understand audience behaviour, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns and more with Quadrant.


Depth In Audience Segmentation

Gain additional depth in your audience segment by incorporating offline behaviour and geodemographics into your segmentation.


Targeted Advertising

Improve the effectiveness of your advertisements by showing them to the right audience.


Measure Out of Home Advertising

Measure and quantify the performance of your out of home advertisement. Attribute store visits and offline to online purchases to your OOH marketing.

Location Data Products & Solutions 


Location Data Feed

Location Data Feed

Global Mobile Location Data from over 500 million devices and Point Of Interest Data across 19 categories. 


AI Algorithms

AI Algorithm

Unlock the power of Location Analytics with AI Algorithms.


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Learn About Location Data

learn more about location data

Learn about location data, location analytics techniques, and how businesses use location data.


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quadrant blog

Stay updated on the developments at Quadrant and in the location intelligence industry.



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Quadrant provides location data and location-based business solutions that is fit for purpose, authentic, easy to use and simple to organise.

Our blockchain powered platform ensures the data is verified, trustworthy, and useable, allowing business, organizations and innovators to build tailored solutions for their data needs.

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