Geospatial Solutions for Business Intelligence



Mobile Location Data and Algorithms

Power your products and services using location data from 350M+ devices seen per month in nearly every country. Analyse faster, discover hidden patterns and gain deeper insights with Quadrant’s Algorithms.

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Hyper-Accurate Point-of-Interest Data Feed

We are just rolling out a new POI data product fixing the accuracy and recency issues with existing POI solutions. We aim to provide a hyper-accurate, up-to-date, and categorized feed with auxiliary data.

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Monetisation and Compliance for Mobile App Publishers


Ethical Data Monetisation Program and Compliance-as-a-Service

Generate passive revenue from your apps using our privacy-first app monetisation program. Monetise your users' data ethically and in compliance with GDPR, CCPPA, and other data privacy regulations. Our SDK is efficient and easy to integrate.

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Featured Case Studies


Boosting marketing ROI for Retailers

Learn how Applied Post helps retail customers assess store performance, gauge competition in specific areas, and ensure optimum ROI on marketing spend using Quadrant's mobile location data.

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Improving mobility and traffic analysis

Find out how Sintráfico used new unique user location data to improve its statistical models and develop accurate mobility and traffic analysis for Mexico using Quadrant's data feed.

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Featured eBook


Point-of-Interest (POI) Data 101

Learn about the basics of POI data, along with possible use cases and applications by industry. We also discuss the technicalities behind POI analysis and how you can evaluate a POI data vendor.

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Highlighted Blog Posts


GDPR Consent Conditions: Best Practices for Establishing Compliance

Data monetisation has grown manifolds and helped businesses flourish and allowed consumers to enjoy tailored experiences. However, the unregulated use of data and the infringement on privacy rights triggered a backlash, and regulators are now introducing strict consent requirements.

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Managing User Consent on Mobile: Needs, Benefits and Best Practices

Data-driven decision making has been fuelling business success for over two decades now. The vast amount of data available on digital platforms and complex IoT networks made up of numerous devices and applications present many growth opportunities for businesses.

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Why businesses need to understand location data quality better

Data analysis plays a crucial role in detecting bad, misleading, and even fraudulent data. The ecosystem is full of such low-quality data. Let’s consider some of the various sources of location data, and what data feed characteristics tend to indicate about quality.

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