Location Data

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Quadrant’s mobile location data is gathered from a variety of mobile SDKs across the world, allowing you to perform location analytics and derive location-based intelligence.

Features & Benefits


Tailored data solution

Customised Data Solutions

Quadrant addresses your specific business requirements by filtering, segmenting and customising the data based on your criteria.

Proprietary blockchain technology

Proprietary Blockchain Technology

Quadrant combines proprietary blockchain technology and in-house innovations to authenticate and verify location data, ensuring quality and enhanced insight of the data’s provenance.

Connected to 500 million devices-1

500+ Million

Quadrant is connected to 500+ million devices  and generates 50+ billion events per month, improving the accuracy and reliability of your statistical findings.

real time global location data

Real-Time Global Location Data

Global location data from over 94 countries and delivery frequency as often as 5 minutes.

Use Cases


Advertising Campaign Targeting


Attribution and Point Of Interest Analysis


Location-based audience segmentation


Business performance and macro-economic forecasting


Consumer behaviour analysis based on movement patterns


Urban mobility analysis

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