Mobile Location Data

Insightful. Accurate. Reliable.

Quadrant’s mobile location data is gathered from a variety of mobile SDKs across the world, allowing you to perform location analytics and derive location-based intelligence.


Speed and Scale

Over 650 million unique devices seen per month in nearly every country. With data delivery frequency as low as 5 minute intervals.



Quadrant's location data contains 17 attributes including standard attributes such as Latitude, Longitude, Timestamp, and non-standard attributes such as Geohash. Our data span as far back as 2019.


Quality Assurance

We conduct stringent evaluations on our suppliers, ensuring authenticity and quality. Our proprietary algorithm detects and cleans corrupted and duplicated data points, so you can deploy our data almost immediately with minimal data processing or cleaning.



We conduct regular audits to make sure all our data is collected and processed in compliance with all the relevant data privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and PDPA.

Mobile Location Data Feeds



Quadrant's entire data feed.

Great for organisations who want to conduct all data analysis in-house.


Custom Feed

Mobile location data processed and filtered based on your specified criteria.

Deploy the data almost immediately with minimal processing.

Quadrant's publicly available Data Quality Dashboard contains a suite of metrics, allowing you to conduct a high level evaluation of our data before contacting us.

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Learn Everything About Location Data

How mobile location data is collected? What are the data attributes and how can you analyse them to derive business insights?

We answer all these questions and more in our Location Data Knowledge Base.

Location Data Knowledge Base

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