point-of-interest (poi) DATA SOLUTIONS FOR marketing and advertising

Leverage POI data to improve brand visibility & boost ROI on your marketing & advertising campaigns

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Whether you are an ad tech company, an agency, or a business with an in-house marketing team, the goal is the same: maximum ROI on your marketing spending, be it visibility, interactions, or visits to a physical store.

By introducing Point-of-Interest (POI) data into your strategy and planning, you can build robust audience intelligence systems that help deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

  • Quadrant brings accurate, customisable, and up-to-date POI data to help agencies, adtech companies, and in-house marketing teams maximise the ROI on marketing and advertising budgets, improve brand visibility and gain more customers.

  • Powered by our proprietary Geolancer platform we map and manually validate residential and commercial Points-of-Interest tailored to your requirements.

POI Data-as-a-Service and POI Verification

Our clients rely on our high-quality POI data to power their location intelligence, build strong navigation systems, and grow their business.

Talk to Our POI Data Consultants

Why is accurate POI data crucial for marketing and advertising? 

Out-of-Home advertising or digital ads, whichever is your preferred method of engaging potential customers - accurate location is foundational to making the right decisions. Point-of-Interest (POI) data enables you to map specific areas and achieve actionable intelligence to launch new marketing and advertisement campaigns or assess the performance of existing ones. It also helps power your data platforms that help derive actionable insights for your campaigns, audiences, prospects and more.

POI data can also help evaluate competition in an area of interest so that you can make well-informed expansion and marketing plans. By combining POI data with mobile location data, you can know exactly where your customers are and develop campaigns that drive them to your business. Using POI data, retailers, FMCG companies, automotive stores, etc. can conduct performance and comparison analysis for marketing campaigns across a region.


Gauge Campaign Attribution

Treat every traditional and digital billboard as a POI to assess its ROI and audience influence.


Power Ad Tech Platforms

Feed your ad tech platforms with accurate POI data for various regions to expand offerings and business coverage.


Improve Marketing ROI

Use POI data to position OOH campaigns in the most relevant locations and maximise visibilty.


Expand Your Presence

Use POI data to assess service saturation in various areas and build campaigns to promote new business.


Better Audience Intelligence

Combine mobile location and POI data to build actionable audience insights for efficient campaign planning.  


Poach Customers

Map competition and launch tailored offers and campaigns to target and drive their customers to your outlets.

What can POI data do for your business?

Quadrant’s Point-of-interest (POI) Data-as-a-Service offers authentic, up-to-date, and reliable POI data. Contact our POI data consultants who can help you leverage POI data to:

- Increase data and advertising revenues

- Accurately assess & improve ROI of marketing spend

- Reduce costs of data acquisition and processing

- Increase coverage of offering geographically



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