Location based marketing, a prime tactic for advertisers and marketers


The advertising and marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with spending on advertising worldwide increasing steadily. 

Quadrant’s location intelligence solutions help marketing professionals make informed marketing decisions, segment audiences, craft customised marketing communication and develop new products and services.

  • Industry leading Out-of-Home (OOH) companies, advertising agencies and advertising analytics firms choose Quadrant to make informed marketing and advertising decisions for their campaigns

  • High-quality mobile geo-location data of more than 350 million monthly active users and counting

High-quality mobile location data that delivers

Our clients rely on our high-quality data to explore, analyse and understand consumers behaviour, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns, and more.

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Analyse Audience Behaviour

- Explore, analyse and understand audience behaviours, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns and more

- Understand customer journeys leading up to a purchase, and effectively measure and attribute to the real-world


Targeted and Personalised Messaging

- Deliver customized and contextually relevant messages to your targeted audiences based on their real world behaviors

- Re-target store visitors with digital ads and promotions to drive customer's back to your store

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Gain Additional Depth With Real-World Data

- Gain additional depth in your marketing analysis by incorporating movement patterns and POI visits to your data

- Identify the most common routes taken by your customers and optimize your investment in effective OOH


Healthcare | Mobility | Real Estate | Retail | Travel & Tourism

What can location data do for your business?

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Uncover new business opportunities and optimise your business processes with Quadrant's high-quality location data.

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How location data boosts advertising and marketing campaigns's effectiveness

Recently, we partnered with out-of-home (OOH) advertising solution provider Quorum to help them accurately target what we call the “consumer in motion” – in other words, shoppers when they’re out and about, rather than at home.

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Adding real world intelligence to the mix.  Proven to improve the effectiveness of marketing

Real-world intelligence is proven to improve the effectiveness of marketing and ad campaigns. It provides contextual information on visitation patterns in the physical world, adding extra value to media campaigns.

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