Up-to-Date. Authentic. Customizable.

Authentic, accurate and up-to-date Point-of-Interest data tailored to your business requirements. Powered by the proprietary Geolancer platform.

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Accurate Locations

Our data is manually verified, on the ground, with a custom smartphone app. This results in a more accurate data set compared to web scraping or other automated methods.


Authentic Data

Quadrant's POI-as-a-service is free of inauthentic entries often polluting user-generated data sets. This authenticity helps our clients derive valuable and actionable business insights.   


Complete Attributes

Manual verification makes it possible for us to provide complete POI data both on an attribute level (including categories, opening hours, postal address, etc.) and even on a brand level, depending on client requirements.



POIs are constantly added, verified, and regularly re-verified by our team of Geolancers. Our data reflects changes in the physical world as quickly as possible. 


Customisable Delivery

Our clients receive customised data sets tailored to their specific requirements. This dramatically reduces the resources needed to analyse the data and discover business insights.


Machine Learning-Ready

We deliver normalised and de-duped POIs in bulk, straight to our clients' cloud data storage. You are free to update, refine, or enrich our data, and bulk delivery is ideal for machine learning analyses.

Quadrant's POI Products


Customisable POI-as-a-Service

Acquire data with the update frequency you need. In a physical world that is constantly changing, Quadrant subscribers get data updates for the POIs that matter to them. Customise your feed by specific refresh rate, location, country, category, and brand.


POI Verification Services 

An inaccurate POI data set leads to false insights and ultimately to missed business opportunities. Most user-generated and machine-scraped sets contain such inaccurate and inauthentic data. We can help you clean up your data set using manual verification.

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Quadrant's POI-as-a-Service is powered by Geolancer, our industry-leading manual verification project. Geolancers, equipped with a smartphone running our proprietary app, manually add and verify POI data points, ensuring accuracy and authenticity.



Geolancers map and verify all the Points-of-Interest (shops, restaurants, and others) in their neighborhood.


Geolancers use a proprietary smartphone application developed specifically for manual verification.


Geolancers are rewarded in eQUAD tokens, a cryptocurrency issued by Quadrant Protocol.


Everything you need to know about POI data

In today's increasingly complex digital economy, almost all modern applications and systems depend on POI data. Both users and businesses need timely and accurate locations to find and deliver relevant services.

In our eBook, we dive deep into what POI data is and the mechanisms behind it. We introduce various use cases and discuss strategies that can help businesses and governments make well-informed decisions.

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