Location data solutions for OOH and DOOH

Leverage Quadrant’s Mobile Location Data to measure the influence of OOH and DOOH assets and maximise the ROI of your advertising campaigns

Location data for OOH and DOOH advertising

Although digital marketing has gained significant traction in recent years, outdoor media remains a highly effective and popular method of advertising. Knowing this, marketing firms compete with one another to advertise in prime locations and must demonstrate the business impact of these investments.

Unlike online campaigns that offer performance insights through integrated analytics platforms, offline campaigns must be optimized and measured through other means. Mobile location data offers the most sophisticated and accurate means of choosing outdoor ad placement and measuring offline campaign performance.

Use-cases and applications

Out-of-Home & Digital Out-of-Home ads improve brand visibility, drive customers to your business location, and efficiently deliver relevant messages. By performing footfall analysis at the site of static or digital OOH assets such as billboards, digital signages, etc., businesses can predict the impact of a campaign. They can also correlate this data with foot traffic at a physical outlet or visits to an online shop to gauge the conversion aided by a certain asset. Ad-tech companies can also use location data to provide recommendations and intelligence to their customers so they can make well-informed and profitable decisions based on movement patterns.


Monitor movement trends

Study foot traffic in areas and identify up-and-coming hotspots to expand your OOH ad network.

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Enable smart pricing

Identify premium locations and assets based on their historic performance and predictive visibility.


Calculate campaign ROI

Correlate footfall data at the site of your OOH asset with visits to a POI to accurately measure campaign ROI.


Location-based advertising

Provide your customers with smarter, location based suggestions best suited to their campaign specifications.


Compare campaigns

Test different creatives and messaging by measuring ad to store or offline to online conversion across wide geographies.


Measure asset effectiveness

Perform mobility, footfall and visitation analyses to establish new assets, reevaluate investments in existing ones.

Why choose Quadrant

Industry leading Out-of-Home (OOH) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) companies choose Quadrant’s location intelligence solutions to make informed marketing decisions, assess ROI, build profitable expansion plans and retain customers.

High-quality mobile location data from 750+ million devices across 219 countries with 15+ billion mobile data events per day.

High quality mobile location data that delivers

Our location-based business solutions are fit for purpose, authentic, easy to use, and simple to organise. Perform sophisticated analyses and derive actionable intelligence for your critical business decisions.

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