POI for mapping and navigation

Point-of-Interest (POI) data solutions for navigation and mapping

Leverage Quadrant’s POI data to accurately map the world for your ridesharing, route planning, delivery and more location-based applications & platforms

Why is POI data crucial for navigation and mapping?

Accurate maps are the backbone of location-powered businesses. Whether you are a GIS solutions provider, build navigation devices and apps for cars, or a business using maps to enable their services - such as ridehailing, food delivery, routing software etc. - you need accurate references of locations in the real world.

However, problems like apps leading you to a location of a closed business, zip codes pointing to the wrong place, and suboptimal routes are all too common. Verified Points-of-Interest (POI) data are valuable for both end-users and service providers dealing in GIS solutions, route planning, digital maps, navigation applications, and more.

Use-cases and applications

Accurate POI data is crucial for building connected maps and routes, and determining the speed, efficiency, and value of digital map and navigation services. GIS providers require up-to-date POI data to ensure their systems remain current and useful. POI data offers essential context for location-based businesses such as ridesharing and last-mile delivery, supporting granular attributes to enhance operations.


Create granular and detailed maps

Create detailed, granular maps of cities and offer correct points of reference for your geospatial platforms

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Power ridesharing platforms

Enrich your apps with accurate mapping and contextual metadata to reduce errors and delays in pick-up/drop-offs


Improve navigation and routing systems

Build contextual and exhaustive maps for efficient and cost-effective route planning and faster navigation

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Power GPS devices

Enrich traditional GPS data with exhaustive, manually verified, recent, and accurate POI data sets


Prove business ROI

Use accurate POI data to demonstrate value and savings in delivery and logistics operations


Stay ahead of rivals

Gain momentum in the monopolised navigation space with our on-demand POI mapping and verification services

Why choose Quadrant

Quadrant brings accurate, customisable, and up-to-date POI data to help geographic information systems, navigation and mapping applications, ridehailing companies, and other location-based service providers create accurate maps and route planning systems.

Our location-based business solutions are fit for purpose, authentic, easy to use, and simple to organise. Perform sophisticated analyses and derive actionable intelligence for your critical business decisions.

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