point-of-interest (poi) DATA SOLUTIONS FOR food, GROCERY, FMCG and other delivery applications

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POI data for Delivery apps

In the last few years, home delivery has revolutionised the consumer industry. With only a few taps, customers can summon their favorite meal, groceries, FMCG products and more to their doorstep, like magic!

Your customers demand accurate and fast delivery (so their meal is still piping hot and their vegetables are fresh). The speed and efficacy in delivery times can win or lose customer loyalty and greatly impact operational costs.

Why do you need accurate POI for food delivery?
  • Quadrant brings accurate, customisable and up-to-date POI data to help food delivery companies, applications, and aggregators create reliable fulfillment systems.

  • Powered by our proprietary Geolancer platform we map and validate residential and commercial POI tailored to your requirements.

POI Data-as-a-Service and POI Verification

Our clients rely on our high-quality POI data to power their location intelligence, build strong navigation systems, and grow their business.

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Why is accurate POI data crucial to food delivery operations? 

With the number of options available to customers, it takes very little to switch to another application. Estimated delivery time too long? Too few options? Delivery was delayed due to traffic? Customers are quick to take their business elsewhere. Using POI data, you can achieve the much needed competitive advantage and gain and retain customers.

Fast food delivery

Optimise delivery time

Calculate accurate delivery times and identify faster and efficient routes to provide accurate ETAs.

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Expand services and reach

Improve mapping in the specific area to expand availability and establish presence in underserved areas.


Maximise manpower efficacy

Achieve precision in delivery assignment and save costs, while helping partners earn more by delivering more.


Supercharge revenue streams

Implement adequate surge pricing based on distance and boost profits by making more deliveries per trip.


Gain and retain customers

Meet customer expectations by providing the desired delivery speed and accurate order tracking.


Engage consumers

Combine POI data with mobile location data to generate location-based offers and improve customer engagement.



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What can POI data do for your business?

Quadrant’s Point-of-interest (POI) Data-as-a-Service offers authentic, up-to-date, and reliable POI data. Contact our POI data consultants who can help you leverage POI data to:

  • - Reduce cost per delivery
  • - Reduce time per delivery 
  • - Improve customer satisfaction
    - Increase delivery capacity