MLD for research and academia

Location data for research & academia

Leverage Quadrant’s mobile location data to gain visibility into real-world socio-economic issues and offer actionable intelligence to improve lives.

Location data for research and academia

Data scientists at universities and research companies undertake various social studies to understand and address real-world issues. The results of these programs are often utilised by government bodies to bring meaningful changes to underprivileged social groups in specific geographies.

They need quality mobile location data to to improve citizens' lives, inform decision makers, revamp urban and rural infrastructure, or to simply bring awareness to a public or social cause. Most recently, mobile location data has been instrumental in managing the global Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses can also benefit from these studies by expanding to underserved areas to create new job opportunities .

Use-cases and applications

Mobile location data offers great value for researchers by providing insights into human mobility. Combined with demographic, census, and third-party app data researchers can build powerful models and derive actionable insights.

Power your analyses

Study audience behaviours, mobility patterns, notable events, and their impacts on the region of interest.


Gauge accessibility

Assess the availability of public services and provide suggestions for improvements in underserved areas.


Disaster management

Inform relief efforts in areas prone to natural calamities and highlight mobility patterns due to environmental changes.


Improve infrastructure

Study the usage of public facilities and services, and help local administrations provide better services to citizens.


Address inequality

Gather insights to highlight the inadequate availability and distribution of public goods in underprivileged regions.

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Data driven decisions

Help businesses and governments design data-driven, sustainable development projects, to solve socio-economic issues.

Why choose Quadrant

Universities, independent researchers and data scientists choose Quadrant’s mobile location data to develop studies with humanitarian impact such as disaster management, urban planning, transit management, and various socio-economic issues.

High-quality mobile location data from 750+ million devices across 219 countries with 50+ billion daily mobile data events.

Our location-based business solutions are fit for purpose, authentic, easy to use, and simple to organise. Perform sophisticated analyses and derive actionable intelligence for your critical business decisions.

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