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Datanami POI for Supply Chain Article media images

28 April 2022

How Point-of-Interest Data can alleviate supply chain pains and help rebuild economies

Pandemic-fueled lockdowns and disruptions in transportation systems hit the supply chain and logistics industry hard. From empty shelves to skyrocketing prices, disrupted supply chains have brought on inflation all over the globe. As economies have reopened, the demand for goods and the need to establish pre-COVID connections has radically increased. Read more ....


Appen / Business Wire
Appen Acquires Quadrant media images

25 August 2021

Appen to Acquire Quadrant to Expand Mobile-Location Based Data Collection Offering

Appen Limited (ASX:APX), the leading provider of high-quality training data for organizations that build effective AI systems at scale, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Quadrant, a global leader in mobile location data, Point-of-Interest data, and corresponding compliance services. Read more ....


Appen / Business Wire
Geospatial world POI Mike Interview Article media images

25 August 2021

New business models need accurate POI data

COVID-19 has greatly impacted how people interact with their surroundings. Their consumption patterns have drastically changed, as many service providers have moved fully online to sustain themselves. During all this, we see an increased demand for mobility data. Both government and private businesses need location data. Read more ....


Quadrant / Geospatial Media & Communications

01 July 2020

Location Intelligence Can Save Billions Of Dollars In Public Infrastructure Investments

ASIAJuly 01, 2020 /Geospatial Media/ -- John Draper, Director of Data Analytics at Mantra Studios, explains, “By starting with metro-scale mobile location data from Quadrant, Mantra Studios was able to develop a city-wide demand model for vehicle movements - to and from major destination centres." Read more ....


Mantra Studios / Geospatial Media & Communications
Asia Pacific Data Alliance

20 May 2020

Quadrant Launches The Asia Pacific Data Alliance

SINGAPOREMay 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Quadrant today announced the Asia Pacific Data Alliance (APDA), a program that helps leading corporations, governments and researchers who are working to build solutions for the Asia Pacific region that help organizations understand the effects, mitigate the risks and optimize their solutions during a pandemic like COVID-19. Read more ....     


Mike Davie / Cision / Market Insider
Out-of-Home Advertising

05 June 2020

Moving Walls announce Partnership with Quadrant

ASIAJune 05, 2020 /DailyDOOH/ -- Navonil Roy, COO and Head of Data, Moving Walls told us “No single data source has the perfect solution. We are excited to onboard Quadrant onto our global location data solution. Having this added layer of mobile consent tracking will close many loopholes of outdoor like privacy, compliance and also wholesomely connect digital footprints of outdoor audiences" Read more ....

Moving Walls / DailyDOOH
Image of City Landscape with Location Points

07 May 2020

Adapting to COVID-19 using Location Data

Businesses and organizations need to understand these changes and capitalize on this new reality. With each pandemic, the hope is that we can learn, better protect our citizens, and enable businesses and citizens’ lives not to be devastated during these times. Read more ....



Mike Davie / StreetFight
Heatmap of US

28 April 2020

Local health bodies and tech firms using AI to fight COVID-19

"Unlike the Spanish flu pandemic or even SARS, today we are generating masses of data that we can pump into AI algorithms that could help forestall or even prevent another pandemic of this kind." Read more ....   

Mike Davie / Straits Times

17 February 2020

Three Methods to Deploy Foreground and Background Data

As the industry evolves, companies will need to adapt and continually iterate to remain leaders in their domain. But with the right tools and methods, they can continue to build products and services that help us understand the physical world in which we live. Read more ....

Mike Davie / StreetFight

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