Geolancer launch yields 50,000+ POIs in a month across APAC

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Geolancer, one of our biggest launches of the year, is the cornerstone of our long-term POI data strategy. Geolancer went live a little over a month ago, and it is time to look at the results.


Geolancer, our proprietary application to collect manually verified POI data on the ground, was released last month with a public beta launch campaign in seven countries across the Asia Pacific: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Between 10 May – 10 June, we ran a competition where Geolancers could earn cryptocurrency rewards by collecting POIs in their neighbourhood. The campaign's goal was to test the Geolancer app in the wild, gather helpful feedback about the user experience, and validate our business model.

The results are in, and they surpassed even our most optimistic expectations.

50,000+ Points-of-Interest

Over one month, 272 Geolancers added over 50,000 Points-of-Interest, more than 1600 a day on average. Users in Indonesia and the Philippines were the most active, with these two countries clocking in above 35,000 data points. While the former saw more places added, Geolancers in the Philippines were the most active, with users collecting 375 POIs on average.

Although this was a registration-only beta launch, these numbers are already making a difference. Especially in Southeast Asia, existing POI data sets are typically low quality, full of inaccuracies and outdated records. The global pandemic made the situation considerably worse, as many businesses were forced to shut down.

Offering manually verified, therefore accurate, up-to-date, and complete Point-of-Interest data on the world's most challenging markets gives Quadrant an edge no one else has in the industry. As a testament to this, we are already executing a Proof-of-Concept project in Vietnam for one of Southeast Asia's largest mobility companies. We are in multiple talks about further large-scale data collection across the APAC region.

The interest we see on the client-side is a resounding validation of the product-market fit. We see the same sentiment in the Geolancer community: getting rewarded while creating more accurate maps and ultimately helping local businesses is an exciting opportunity many people are interested in.

We are launching our second month-long campaign in July, and we plan to release Geolancer to the public in Q3.


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