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Consent Management - What, why, and how

Download our eBook to learn what is consent management, why it is important and how you can establish compliance with the stringent consent requirements mandated by today's data privacy laws.

Historically, implicit consent sufficed for data collection via app usage or website browsing, allowing companies to monetize data without consequences. Now, heightened user privacy awareness and new privacy laws mandate explicit consent for data handling.

Non-compliance with data privacy laws has serious repercussions

Companies often lack legal expertise and technical skills for compliant data management, which diverts resources from core activities. Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) offer automated, self-sufficient solutions for managing user consent. 

Download our eBook to learn:


  1. What is user consent is and why it is so important

  2. How to foster an ethical, user-centric data culture

  3. What are consent conditions in the regulatory space

  4. What is a Consent Management Platform

  5. Best practices of efficiently managing user consent

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