Consent Management - What, Why, and How

Download our eBook to learn what is consent management, why it is important and how you can establish compliance with the stringent consent requirements mandated by today's data privacy laws.

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  • For a long time, implicit consent (like downloading and using a mobile app or browsing a website) was considered enough to gather and store a user's data. For the most part, companies could freely use these data for monetary gains without any consequences or liability.

     Things have changed. 

    Today, users are increasingly conscious about privacy and how businesses are using and selling their data. Many countries have enacted privacy laws that require businesses to obtain user consent before storing or processing their data.

     Non-compliance with data protection laws has serious repercussions. 

    Most companies do not have the required legal expertise and technical know-how to implement new, compliant data management processes. Moreover, developing these in-house takes away precious resources from their core business.

     There is a solution: using a Consent Management Platform. 

    A CMP is an automated solution that handles the entire lifecycle of ethical data management. It is a self-sufficient tool that ensures you always stay compliant, from gathering consent to providing an up-to-date audit trail.

     Download our eBook to learn 

    1. What is user consent is and why it is so important

    2. How to foster an ethical, user-centric data culture

    3. What are consent conditions in the regulatory space

    4. What is a Consent Management Platform

    5. Best practices of efficiently managing user consent




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