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Customer success story: Sintrafico

Learn how SinTrafico improved their traffic monitoring and mobility systems with Quadrant's location data

SinTrafico is a leading mobility intelligence platform based in Mexico

They create smart mobility ecosystems that empower agencies in the out-of-home advertising space, retailers, infrastructure companies, and governments

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to learn how SinTráfico partnered with Quadrant to enrich their mobility and traffic analysis programs with larger volumes of data across their region of interest. We discuss the customer's challenges, solutions offered by Quadrant, and the overall benefits of the partnership.

"Given the high quality of Quadrant data, as well as the coverage, consistency of the data, and the ease of integration of the services, at SinTráfico we have been able to strengthen the studies and analyses that are carried out, as well as optimize the times required to carry out these processes. The result of the collaboration is that at SinTráfico we are providing a better service and experience to our clients by delivering better insights and strengthening our platforms".

~ COO Strategic Partnerships & Data - SinTráfico

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