Location Data Intelligence – Privacy by Design Framework

Consumer Privacy is of upmost importance to us in our business and industry, as a whole.

Quadrant is a location data controller that processes and aggregates data from multiple providers. This assures the breadth and veracity of the data we supply to our customers, who use Quadrant’s data to power everything from advertising, consumer insights, and competitive intelligence, to business development strategies and operational efficiencies.

We take consumer privacy very seriously, and work to the best of our efforts to ensure that our data platform remains fully transparent and compliant with industry, regulatory and legal requirements. Quadrant works with the applicable privacy laws in connection with the use, collection and disclosure, including required consumer consent and opt-out provisions

What does Quadrant do to protect consumer privacy?

Pseudo-Annomysed Data

All Quadrant products are built on anonymised data sourced from multiple publishers and data SDK providers that used the device adveristing ID as a unique reference. This advertising ID can be reset at any time and we never reverse engineer to an individual’s name or phone number.

No sensitive personal data

Quadrant processes location data only. Name, email, phone number or home address are never captured or stored.

Consumer opt-out

Quadrant respects and honours mobile users’ requests not to accept location data generated from their mobile devices. And we share those requests with our partners.

For more information

Privacy Policy

View our complete privacy policy to learn more about our data use policies.

View Privacy Policy Here

Device Opt Out

This opt-out page is provided as a convenience to end users, but the opt-out cookie is set by participant providers, who are solely responsible for setting opt-out cookies and honoring your requests. As a condition of offering this page, Quadrant expressly disclaims any and all liability whatsoever and however arising out of or relating to your use of this page or the actions or inactions of participant providers.

1. Opt out in your device settings

If end users do not want the mobile device ID to be identified, they can opt-out of sharing the mobile advertiser ID by limiting ad tracking on the device.

For iOS, navigate to Settings > Select Privacy > Select Advertising > Enable the "Limit Ad Tracking" setting. For Android, launch the Google Settings App and navigate to Ads > Enable " Opt out of interest-based advertising".

Apple opt-out help:

Google opt-out help:

2. Provide your device information

As a result of the way data moves through our network, we are unable to fully ensure that our participant providers remove your Device ID. Saying that though we understand everyone's right to privacy and will make a best effort attempt to remove your device_id from transactions on our platform.

Complete our consumer opt-out form below to remove your mobile device from the Quadrant platform.

Requests with invalid inputs will not be processed. For further assistance, please contact
Invalid inputs:
  • incorrect/invalid DeviceID
  • Information like email, name, device name, random string, etc

Should you have any additional questions regarding this opt-out, please contact us at