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Orion - persistent mobility data feed from Quadrant

Tailored for use cases that need mobility signals for recurring population in a specific region, Orion is a persistent mobile location data feed designed to meet the growing needs of location data consumers.

Orion is Quadrant's latest innovation providing you with access to an unprecedented mobile location data feed. Our goal is to empower your business to uncover hidden insights, transform strategies, and revolutionize customer engagement through the constant stream of precise, persistent and reliable location data. Orion stands on Quadrant's legacy of unwavering commitment to data quality, user privacy, and robust security. Our advanced mechanisms ensure that data is anonymized and processed in compliance with key data protection regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and more. 

Persistent mobility data

Orion, brought to you by Quadrant, is revolutionizing the industry standards with a persistent mobile location data feed unlike any other. This data feed currently provides an an astounding 15-20 million devices per month in the US, greatly surpassing the global industry average of merely a thousand devices. Orion guarantees 5-10 days of device visibility per month. As of now, Orion is available globally and offers data for devices in the United States, with an anticipated global launch on the horizon. 

 15-20M devices per month
✔ Available in the US (Global launch to follow)
✔ Guarantees 5-10 days of device visibility/month

Elevate Your Location Based BI and Market Research Initiatives with Orion

Embrace the power of Orion's persistent mobile location data feed and reshape the future of your business. Discover trends, unlock insights, and fine-tune your strategies with unrivaled precision. With Orion, the possibilities are endless, and the results are extraordinary.

Lower in volume this data is easy to decipher and requires minimal processing. Whether you are looking to design precise targeted campaigns and assess outdoor ad impact or optimize store placement and hours based on recurring audiences.

Orion allows accurate customer segmentation and insights on permanent populations to predict demands accurately, enhance services and boost profitability.

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