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There has been a seismic shift in how consumers interact with businesses and locations around them. Hailing a cab on the street has been replaced by ride share services like Uber, Lyft and Grab. With only a few taps on the screen, consumers can request personal transportation to their doorstep.

With increasing competition in the sector, ride sharing companies need to continually optimise their services and deliver peak performance every single time. They must operate efficient routing and navigation systems to get to their pick-ups faster, manage availability during peak hours, and work hard to retain customers while maintaining profitability.

POI Data for Ridesharing Application
  • Quadrant brings accurate, customisable, and up-to-date POI data to help ride sharing and on-demand transportation businesses create cost-efficient mapping and navigation systems.

  • Powered by our proprietary Geolancer platform we map and manually validate residential and commercial Points-of-Interest tailored to your requirements.

POI Data-as-a-Service and POI Verification

Our clients rely on our high-quality POI data to power their location intelligence, build strong navigation systems, and grow their business.

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Why is accurate POI data crucial for ride hailing applications? 

Ride sharing and on-demand transportation services have viably replaced public and personal modes of transportation. Especially in Tier One cities where consumers avoid driving themselves due to traffic, parking, and other challenges posed by geographical and population density.

Without an accurate reference of location, delivering on-demand transport would be difficult, and that's where POI data comes into play. POI data can help you build accurate mapping and navigation systems that are vital to rendering your services. It is essential for your customers to indicate their location and track their ride. Your driver partners also rely on your application's navigation system to know the exact location to pick up their next passenger. Empowering your ride sharing operations with quality POI data can help you plan efficient routes, save time, increase the number of rides and boost revenue.


Routing and Navigation

Power your ride sharing apps with accurate mapping of cities to benefit both your end users and driver partners.


Deliver Faster Rides

Reduce errors and delays in pick-up and drop-offs and use the most efficient routes to reduce wait and ride times.

Surge pricing

Manage Surge Pricing

Reduce missed rides and manage your earnings adequately with surge pricing for peak hours in busy areas.


Be Where The Riders Are

Identify and map desired but underserved areas to expand your operations.

Refuelling Downtime

Reduce Downtime 

Reduce downtime by allowing drivers to refuel vehicles efficiently with accurate locations for gas and charging stations.

Customer Satisfaction

Earn Customer Satisfaction

Leverage accurate locations for dynamic pickups and predict precise arrival times to improve customer satisfaction.



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What can POI data do for your business?

Quadrant’s Point-of-interest (POI) Data-as-a-Service offers authentic, up-to-date, and reliable POI data. Contact our POI data consultants who can help you leverage POI data to:

  • - Reduce downtime costs
  • - Boost revenue and partner earnings
  • - Improve customer satisfaction
    - Increase number of rides