point-of-interest (POI) data 101

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  • A Point-of-Interest (POI) is the record of a physical place in the digital world. Many critical operations and services in today's digital economy require extensive and accurate details about these places.

  • POI data supports a range of applications such as mapping and navigation, postal and delivery service, public facilities, logistics, and many more.

     How can POI data help your business? 

  • Analysing POI data in a region can help derive actionable insight for businesses and governments. Using additional contextual layers such as human mobility, sociology, and dynamics, POI can be used to build meaningful information structures enabling powerful analyses and improving business profitability.

  • Acquiring accurate and authentic POI data is challenging.

    There are numerous POI data suppliers in the market. However, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase decision:

  • 1- What is the method of data collection?
  • 2- Why are some POI data sets inaccurate or inauthentic?
  • 3- How to assess the quality of POI data? 
  • 4- How can businesses derive insights from raw data?
  • 5- How industries like logistics or real estate use POI data?

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about the basics of POI data, along with possible use cases and applications by industry. We also discuss the technicalities behind POI analysis and how you can evaluate a POI data vendor.




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