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Ethically sourced location data for profitable business intelligence

In this solution brief, we discuss the problems that characterize the location data industry and elaborate on how Quadrant’s solution effectively tackles these challenges. 

Mobile location data is the most reliable indicator for people’s movement, and therefore, preferences. Mobility-based insights can help improve customer experience, optimize operations, boost ROI, and bridge socio-economic gaps, making raw location data a powerful tool for various industries. 

However, there are several challenges that plague the location data industry 

  • Lack of transparency around data sources

  • Rigid business practices and pricing models

  • Poor quality control 

  • Inadequate data coverage 

Quadrant's raw mobile location data

is high-quality, ethically sourced, and offers extensive coverage for safe and sustainable mobility-based intelligence.

Download this solution brief to learn how Quadrant:
  • Addresses the problems that are pervasive in the industry. 

  • Offers a degree of flexibility that is unmatchable.

  • Helps retail, business intelligence, marketing, urban planning, transportation, and development firms generate actionable insights for various use cases.

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