The Definitive Guide to Using Mobile Location and POI Data for Business Intelligence

Learn how mobile location and POI data can help you build a reliable profile of an area and the people within, while highlighting notable trends and patterns that can inform your business decisions.

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Most modern, digital applications and business models in delivery, transportation, navigation, healthcare, real estate, and other industries depend on location data to function. Location-based projects or applications need accurate indicators for both places and people, so businesses can make sound, informed, and profitable decisions.

Location data, in conjunction with third-party data such as demographics or purchase data, is being widely used by various industries to understand who their customers are, what is their buying potential, what category of business they operate in, how they perform and more.

 But there are several challenges 

1- Businesses don't know how to leverage location and POI data for decision making and why are they critical to their growth strategy

2- Covid-19 has changed mobility patterns and the maps of cities making existing POI datasets outdated

3- There are several hidden challenges with the mobile location data supply chain

4- Most off-the-shelf data providers are unable to demonstrate the business value for various use cases

 This solution brief has the answers 

In this document, we present a variety use cases and applications of POI and mobile location data. Informed by our expertise in the industry, we have compiled a blueprint to maximise the benefits of location-based intelligence. 


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