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Case Study: Reaching Consumers In Motion with Accuracy and Scalability

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Quadrant is working with Quorum Outdoor, U.S. based data-driven solutions provider focused on the out-of-home(OOH) advertising space. The business measures consumer brand awareness and exposure to billboards. Under this partnership, Quadrant is delivering user mobility data relating to specific geographic regions in the US.  The volume of data provided will increase in scale to correspond with Quorum's market coverage and expansion.

Key Client Needs

Quorum's business model requires user mobility data at scale, and will have the ongoing need to both expand market coverage and increase the size of its data panel to deliver better OOH advertiser performance and return on ad investment. A key challenge to date has been to construct a consumer location data panel that adequately meets these core requirements


Quadrant Solution and Value Added

Quadrant was able to solve for this problem by filtering the location dataset based on Quorum's specific criteria. The collaboration with Quorum allows both for data criteria flexibility as well as volume growth as their business continues to expand

We anticipate a long-term relationship with Quorum and are excited to be working with them to scale their location data panel while ensuring it is meeting the needs of those of their customers.

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