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Competition is as fierce as ever for app publishers as we head into 2020, with the top 1 per cent accounting for 80 per cent of new downloads in the App Store as reported by Techcrunch.

Beyond Ads

One common method of monetisation is through display ads, which makes up the bulk of income for most app publishers.

However, a good compliment to this revenue model comes in the form of data monetisation.


At Quadrant, we offer an SDK to app publishers that allows them to build out an additional revnue stream by monetising anonymised location data for use by advertisers and marketers at brands and agencies.

While we don't recommend monetising location data through our SDK as a replacement for in-app advertising, it will definitely be an additional source of revenue.


For apps which choose, or are unable, to leverage advertising, the SDK represents a good way to get some initial revenue from your app. 


SDK integration 

Integrating the Quadrant SDK is simple – it’s a light file of only a few MBs available for both iOS and Android. After integration, go live and start receiving a monthly cheque from Quadrant.


Concerned about privacy? Don’t worry, we are GDPR and CCPA compliant. And the SDK only monetise users who have given explicit permission to share their location data with the app. 

With the recent iOS 13 update from Apple making it easier than ever for users to turn off location tracking, the global supply of location data is decreasing. This means location data generated from those users who have given permission to share their location data with is more valuable than ever! 

While it varies from app to app, revenues generated by our SDK can vary from as little as a few hundred dollars per month all the way to tens of thousands. 



Is the Quadrant SDK a fit for your app? 

What determines how much revenue your app can generate from our SDK? Primarily the quality, uniqueness, and volume of the location data your audience produces.  

To learn more, reach out to the team at Quadrant directly and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.




Hong De Lim

App Monetisation Consultant at Quadrant

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