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 Quadrant, the platform that maps and authenticates data making it easier to buy and sell quality, authentic data feeds, announced that it is providing out-of-home (OOH) advertising solution provider Quorum with authenticated, filtered location data to accurately target the consumer in motion. Quadrant supplies Quorum with location data that is accurate, at scale and contains the right type of data, strengthening Quorum’s ability to execute, link, measure and analyse OOH advertising to wider marketing campaigns.

Quadrant’s high-volume location data, which includes time, date, location and anonymous ID’s of consumer mobile devices, is stamped with blockchain-enabled data authentication technology ensuring accuracy as at the time of stamping. This data, which originates from multiple sources, is filtered to ensure that only the most relevant points are delivered to Quorum, who in turn processes it through its own algorithm to identify consumers who have passed specific billboards and visited other specific Points of Interest (POI). By integrating this level of precise, authentic location data, Quorum enables advertisers to more deeply understand the customer journey – to and from where they are travelling and when – and to target those consumers with a more strategic and customized approach.

Quadrant’s data allows Quorum to offer much more relevant and accurate targeting solutions for its clients” says Mike Davie, CEO of Quadrant. “Quadrant’s Data as a Service (DaaS) model makes it easier for Quorum to find and use large location data sets. This allows advertisers to plan and execute mobile companion advertising campaigns in coordination with their outdoor programs, giving them accuracy at a lower cost, and therefore better ROI.”

“We deliver a ‘one-two’ effect for clients who want to follow up on the awareness generated by a billboard or other outdoor placement with a response-focused mobile advertisement, and a new form of analytics that converges data points from both the outdoor and mobile media channels,” says Ezra Doty, CEO and Co-Founder at Quorum. “By tapping Quadrant’s refined location data, Quorum is able to expand its platform’s reach and accuracy. The filtered data that Quadrant provides is well suited for our needs and allows us to feed it into our own algorithms to generate highly accurate results.”

This press release was originally published on Martechseries on July 17 2019. Original link here.

To view the case study relating to this partnership, click here.



Navas Khan

Head of Marketing at Quadrant

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