Location Data Industry: 3 News & Insights In 3 Minutes

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Quadrant.io -- Here are 3 news and insights in the location data industry summarised for you.


More Users Worldwide Are Refusing To Share Location Data With Apps

This report by Airship looked at mobile app permissions for 700 million people across the globe and found that they are increasingly cautious on the information that their favourite apps collect.

Global opt-in rate for sharing of location data decreased by almost 2%, suggesting that that users are becoming increasingly aware of the types of data which apps really needed.

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AT&T Defends Location Data Sales in Newly Public Letter

In a letter made public, AT&T defended the sale of user location data, saying that the practice was technically legal because it did not involve the type of data the Federal Communications Commission prohibits carriers from selling without user consent. Although the company claims it has accelerated plans to stop providing location data.

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Not Using Mobile Location Data Gets Financial Marketers Nowhere Fast

Mobile location data is a potent tool when used and deployed properly and responsibly. It can help financial institutions better connect and engage with consumers. Financial marketers should not give up this opportunity.

By discounting the benefits and advantages of location data, financial marketers are leaving and opening for aggressive competitors to gain market share and enhance consumer brand loyalty.

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