Why advertisers should learn to love location data

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At Quadrant, we are passionate about location data – and we want you to be, too. We’re proud of our marketing-leading platform, built on the blockchain, which maps and authenticates data making it easier to buy and sell authentic data feeds.

Recently, we partnered with out-of-home (OOH) advertising solution provider Quorum to help them accurately target what we call the “consumer in motion” – in other words, shoppers when they’re out and about, rather than at home.


How location data boosts advertising and marketing campaigns's effectiveness

With this recent partnership in mind, we thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit the importance of location data in advertising campaigns more generally. That importance can be powerfully demonstrated by contrasting the following two statements:

  1. The average owner of a BMW in Singapore is a white male aged 35-45
  2. However, the average while male aged 35-45 in Singapore does not own a BMW

While this example may be specific to Singapore, the logic behind it is applicable anywhere. By geofencing local car dealerships, for example, and targeting those who visit them with suitable advertising, we can expect to be much more successful in our mission of selling BMWs than targeting all white males in Singapore (for example) within a given age range.

This, in a nutshell, is the power of location data in advertising – and why advertisers should learn to love it.


How location data leads to higher response rates and higher customer engagement in marketing and ad campaigns

The reality is that advertising campaigns that make use of location data sets perform better, with higher response rates and customer engagement.

In our own case at Quadrant, our high-volume location data includes parameters such as time, date, location, and anonymous ID’s of consumer mobile devices. We stamp that data with our blockchain-enabled data authentication technology, ensuring accuracy at the time of stamping.

While location data may originate from multiple sources, it is filtered to ensure that only the most relevant points are delivered to the advertising campaign creator, who in turn processes it through its own algorithm to identify consumers who have passed specific billboards and visited other specific Points of Interest (POI).

By integrating this level of precise, authentic location data, we help advertisers like Quorum deliver campaigns that more deeply understand the customer journey, taking into account where they are travelling from and to – and crucially when.

All these factors allow advertisers like Quorum to plan and execute mobile campaigns in coordination with their outdoor programmes, giving them accuracy at a lower cost, and therefore better ROI on ad dollars spent.


How ad campaigns that are informed by location data are more personalised and relevant

The message we want to leave you with today is that by leveraging location data, advertisers are able to deliver a ‘one-two’ effect for clients who want to follow up on the awareness generated by a billboard or other outdoor placement with a response-focused mobile advertisement.

Moreover, thanks to our technology, they can take advantage of a new form of analytics that converges data points from both outdoor and mobile media channels. By tapping Quadrant’s refined location data, companies such as Quorum are expanding their reach and accuracy. For the end consumer, the advertising experience is one that is more personalised and relevant.

Interested by what you’ve read? Why not get in touch with our team to give it a go for yourself? Discover the power of working with Quadrant on your next advertising campaign here.


Navas Khan

Head of Marketing at Quadrant

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