Build accurate, exhaustive, and custom POI datasets with Geolancer

In this solution brief, we will discuss the various challenges associated with traditional POI databases and introduce Geolancer, Quadrant’s proprietary POI data collection and verification platform as a solution.

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POI data is vital for digital applications and business operations in last-mile delivery, transportation, navigation, real estate, and several other industries. Intelligence derived from POI data analysis is valuable in competitive analysis, measurement of ROI, site selection for new investments and more. Businesses can procure POI data from a variety of POI data sources.

 However, there are several challenges 

  • Cookie-cutter POI data doesn't work for dynamic applications and business models

  • POI data is highly elusive and prone to changes

  • Existing methods of data collection are not efficient or customisable enough to fit unique operational and analysis needs

 Introducing Geolancer 

Geolancer, Quadrant's proprietary POI data collection and verification app is uniquely designed to help clients with data that is tailored to their unique specifications and needs.

Download this solution brief to learn how Geolancer:

  • Compares to traditional POI collection methods such as web scraping, crowdsourcing, managed services etc.

  • Can offer tailored, customised and on-demand POI data unlike any other off-the-shelf POI data provider

  • Helps ridesharing, mapping, and real-estate companies improve services and enrich, refresh and grow their POI database.


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