point-of-interest (poi) DATA FOR ROUTE PLANNING & Route OPTIMIZATION 

Leverage Quadrant’s POI data to increase the efficiency of your route planning systems, boost profits, and improve user experience.

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Route planning systems play an essential role in optimizing fleet management, in-field sales operations, and last mile delivery services. To reduce transportation costs, automate planning, and increase workforce productivity, route optimization companies must ensure that their underlying location database is fresh and up-to-date.

However, many existing routing systems rely on popular mapping platforms and APIs that do not refresh their database frequently and supply outdated POI data. Due to this, your platforms might lead drivers to incorrect locations or suggest suboptimal routes - outcomes that significantly impact their productivity and disrupt your logistics schedule.

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  • Quadrant brings accurate, up-to-date, and customisable POI datasets that help create reliable, contextually rich maps for developing the best route planning and optimization software and apps. 

  • Powered by our proprietary Geolancer platform we map and manually validate residential and commercial Points-of-Interest tailored to your requirements.

POI Data-as-a-Service and POI Verification

Our clients rely on our high-quality POI data to power their location intelligence, build stong routing systems, and grow their business.

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Why is accurate POI data crucial for route planning and optimization? 

Up-to-date, contextual, and complete POI data is essential for your route planning applications. The more context-rich the data, the better the user experience. Route planning systems can benefit immensely from the contextual information offered by custom POI attributes – data that mainstream mapping platforms simply do not provide. Such custom metadata includes photos, opening hours, parking options, pick-up and drop-off points, vehicle entry restrictions, and pitstops - helping your end-users manage their time and resources better.


Help your End-users

Provide detailed, recent and accurate information on destinations to help drivers and delivery partners make better decisions in the field.

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Create Better Routes

Accurately compute distance and time for a route based on custom attributes to create the most optimal routes for your logistics operations.


Improve Navigation Systems

Facilitate faster and easier navigation with contextually rich maps that enable flexible decision making for end-users on complex and multi-stop routes.


Build Better Apps

Power your platforms with high-quality POI data and custom attributes most relevant to your use case rather than a one-size-fits all solution.


Big Data Analytics

Combine POI data with other data such as human mobility, vehicle telematics etc. for actionable intelligence about your business and operations.


Evaluate Performance

Compare historic routes and more recent POI data to predict changes in the physical environment that might impact existing routes. 



Download this case study to learn how we discovered that 11-14% of public POI databases are outdated, including those of the most popular mapping platforms


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What can POI data do for your business?

Quadrant’s Point-of-interest (POI) Data-as-a-Service offers authentic, up-to-date, and custom POI data. Contact our POI data consultants who can help you leverage POI data to:

  • - Maintain POI datasets that are current
    - Enhance your routing systems
  • - Improve customer satisfaction