Collecting and verifying POI data For EV charging stations in Amsterdam, with geolancer

In this case study, we showcase the results of a POC conducted for one of the largest software companies in the world. Geolancers successfully collected and verified almost 5,000 EV charging stations in only 4 weeks across Amsterdam, and added 48,900 photos to the POI database. The project demonstrates how Quadrant can deliver superior POI data than any other solution on the market.

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Incorrect POI data is one of the primary challenges businesses face today. Even large corporations and popular mapping platforms haven’t found a solution to keep their massive database in sync with the rapidly evolving physical world.

 Geolancer is here to change this. 

Quadrant's proprietary POI data collection and verification app is uniquely designed to help clients with data that is tailored to their unique business requirements.

This case study elaborates on our pilot project, where we collected and verified almost 5,000 POI data points of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Amsterdam. We discuss the challenges and findings from this exercise and provide evidence of why Geolancer is the best POI data solution on the market.

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  • See how we discovered that 11-14% of public POI databases are outdated, including those of the most popular mapping platforms

  • Learn how Geolancers collected almost 50,000 photos and other custom attributes

  • Learn the importance of recency and verification for POI databases


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