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Mapping Southeast Asia, building-by-building

This case study details our POI collection campaign in Brunei, where we collected standard and custom POI attributes for residential and commercial locations across Bandar Seri Begawan. It demonstrates how Geolancer, Quadrant's POI collection platform, delivers accurate and use-case specific datasets quickly and at scale.

Incorrect POI data is one of the primary challenges businesses face today. Even large corporations and popular mapping platforms haven’t found a solution to keep their massive database in sync with the rapidly evolving physical world.

Geolancer is here to change this. 

Quadrant's proprietary POI data collection and verification app is uniquely designed to help clients with data that is tailored to their unique business requirements.

This case study elaborates on a project in which we collected 1500 POIs along with thousands of additional attributes in a city we had not operated in before - all in a matter of 3 weeks! We discuss the challenges and findings from this exercise and provide evidence of why Geolancer is the best POI data solution on the market.

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Read about how Quadrant's leading post-collection processing capabilities ensure that client's receive POI datasets that are tailored for their specific use cases 

Learn how Geolancers collected 1500 POIs and thousands of custom attributes - thereby generating a dataset in which 99.3% of POIs had all the required attributes 

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