Perform real estate analysis to assess the opportunity in new markets


The global real estate market is expected to generate revenue of USD 4.2 billion by 2025.

Quadrant’s location intelligence solutions allow consulting firms and urban planners to leverage location data to help them make data-driven decisions for critical business decisions. Understand footfall traffic, competitive analysis, uncover trends and patterns in consumer behaviours -- all with location data.

  • Industry leading companies from consulting firms and real-estate companies uses location intelligence to help them make data-driven decisions

  • High-quality mobile geo-location data of more than 350 million monthly active users and counting


High-quality mobile location data that delivers

Our clients rely on our high-quality data to explore, analyse and understand consumers behaviour, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns and more.

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Understand the Impact of Footfall on Revenue and Profit

- Create forecasting models for investments in large-scale projects by analyzing footfall movement

- Present data-driven reports regarding the profitability of strategic real estate investments

- Identify human mobility patterns around your assets  

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Analyse Competitors and Benchmark Performance

- Utilise location data to benchmark asset performance against competitors

- Uncover trends in movement patterns to make better decision on future locations

- Improve negotiation power on rent / lease negotiations using data

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Understand Access and Visibility of Your Property

- Provide advise or consulting services to tenants on marketing and advertising

- Optimise the placement of OOH ads and logos on your properties based on footfall data

- Optimize the design of buildings based on access and movement patterns around the site

What can location data do for your business?

Speak with our data consultants to find out how Quadrant's solutions can help with your analyses.

Uncover new business opportunities and optimise your business processes with Quadrant's high-quality location data.

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