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Leveraging POI Data-as-a-Service for ridesharing and real estate

Learn how businesses use Geolancer's up-to-date, accurate, and complete POI data to improve their operations, and why Geolancer is the best platform to build large scale and high quality POI datasets quickly.

Point-of Interest data is the backbone of most digital services 

However, most off-the-shelf POI databases are riddled with inaccurate and outdated information. Datasets scraped from the web do not accurately represent the truth on the ground, especially in rapidly growing, developing parts of the world.

Download this case study to

learn how Quadrant is solving the issues with recency, accuracy, and completeness with Geolancer, our proprietary platform for manually collecting and verifying POI data.

In the document we discuss:

  • How a ridesharing company improved its platform by adding and verifying pick-up and drop-off points to enhance rider and driver experience

  • How a real estate company enriched their residential POI database for Singapore with detailed metadata attributes

  • How Geolancers collected 180,000+ POIs in Southeast Asia in just 11 weeks, and more.

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