Enabling marketing measurement & business expansion with location data

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Whether you are an agency or a business with an established in-house marketing team, your goal is maximising ROI on your marketing and advertising spending.  

Mobile location data can help achieve your KPIs, especially in offline marketing. Using area-based insights you can make profitable marketing investments to improve brand visibility, gain new customers, or increase visits to a physical store. 

Applied Post has partnered with Quadrant to help retailers measure their marketing and advertising ROI, identify potential customers and expand their footprint across Canada. Applied Post offers its customers actionable neighbourhood intelligence using its proprietary technology, powerful consumer analytics, and mobile location data. 

Check out our latest customer success story to learn how Applied Post helped

  • A food and beverage retailer measure the attribution for OOH advertising campaigns
  • A home improvement retailer measure competition and convert customers
  • A landscaping manufacturer identify business expansion and partnership opportunities

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