How retailers can improve marketing ROI with mobile location data

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For businesses of various scales across a range of industries, the fundamental goal stays the same: to increase profit while keeping costs to a minimum. Location data, already utilized by marketing teams and agencies, can help increase the ROI when it comes to marketing. 


Location intelligence, typically derived from mobile location data, can help businesses build comprehensive customer profiles based on people's movements, activities, and interests. These personas enable businesses to personalize their marketing, resulting in better performance metrics and increased ROI.  

Digital marketing campaigns are easy to measure thanks to the advanced analytics tools. These, however, cannot be utilized for gauging the performance of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. The only way to accurately estimate OOH campaign performance is through leveraging human mobility data.

Another good example is analysing footfall data at competitor outlets.  Along with information about where customers go before and after they visit these stores, footfall data lets businesses push personalized offers to prospects when they are most likely to shop. This allows companies to reel in customers from their competitors.

Quadrant's partnership with Applied Post demonstrates the benefits and practical use of mobile location data. Applied Post is a leading customer analytics company in Canada with a proprietary location intelligence platform that helps companies better understand consumer behaviour and launch effective marketing initiatives.  

The platform requires good quality mobile location data as input, and this has been proven especially difficult to get for rural Canada. Low population density regions are traditionally difficult to analyse, as most data vendors can’t provide adequate coverage and data volumes. Quadrant was the only supplier that satisfied Applied Post's requirements. 

Measuring OOH attribution and ROI using location data

Applied Post used Quadrant's location data to gauge the performance of advertisement campaigns for a liquor distributor in Canada. By creating geofences around select retail outlets, analysts were able to establish correlation between the number of visitors and the location of advertisements in the physical world. The company monitored mobile location data at each billboard and compared it with footfall data for the select retail outlets over a few weeks. Using this method, the customer effectively measured the conversion rate of the (otherwise hard to measure) offline campaigns.  

Location-based retargeting for a home improvement retailer

Applied Post utilized geofencing to measure footfall and historical mobile location data at home improvement stores across several Canadian cities. The company’s clients used this information to evaluate visitation patterns in their own stores and those of their competitors. Applied Post also performed further analysis using visualization software; in doing so, it also incorporated data from surveys and loyalty programs to create consumer behaviour profiles. These findings allowed businesses to better target existing customers with monthly marketing campaigns and win customers from their competitors.   

Enabling data-driven expansion for a landscaping equipment manufacturer 

Applied Post plotted prospective partners, dealers, and architectural firms in areas of interest for a landscaping equipment manufacturer and retailer. Afterward, they geofenced these sites and used mobile location data to identify prospects. The analysis provided strategic input for creating more engaging and far-reaching digital marketing campaigns. Additionally, Applied Post also aided the customer in identifying more B2B partners – which, in turn, grew their consumer base. 

By partnering with Quadrant, Applied Post obtained exhaustive coverage for urban and rural settlements across Canada – a feat that would not have been possible with other data providers. The company continues to harness Quadrant's mobile location data to provide its customers with actionable intelligence, determine their marketing ROI, and successfully plan business expansion.

If you want more information about how Applied Post used Quadrant's location data, download the case study here.

Or contact a data consultant to learn how Quadrant can provide location data to fit your unique use cases.



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