May Community Update

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Quadrant May Update

In May, the Quadrant team has been growing, receiving industry recognition, and delivering on promises to our customers. Here are a few highlights of what’s been going behind the scenes at Quadrant since our last update.


New Team Members

Firstly, we’re delighted to welcome two new data engineers to the Quadrant family – Sam Darmali and Aishwarya Bose. They will help our data engineering team to ensure that we deliver what our clients require.

Both Sam and Aishwarya are eager young engineers, ready to jump in with both feet and contribute to solving some of the biggest data challenges in the industry today. We wish them luck in their roles!


Industry Recognition

We’re proud of Barkha Jasani, Quadrant’s Director of Engineering, for being recognised at the prestigious Women in IT Awards Asia 2019. Shortlisted as one of the finalists for the Data Leader of the Year award category, this acknowledgement of Barkha’s commitment to data engineering is a huge honour for her and the whole Quadrant team.

Barkha at Women in IT Awards Asia 2019

Barkha’s personal journey to date has been inspiring. Born and raised in a small town in Gujarat, India far from the major IT hubs, she started her life as one of many women who would typically go into more administrative jobs or stay home and start a family.

However, Barkha followed her dreams and enrolled in a course to study Computer Engineering. Thanks to her bravery and tenacity, when she finally graduated, she was able to join an IT firm in India before joining the Quadrant family here in Singapore.

We wish her many more awards and happy years ahead as a leading and remarkable engineer!


Data Quality Dashboard Release

As promised in our April update, we have now released the all-new Data Quality Dashboard tool, which lets users quickly assess the quality and suitability of a given location data feed for their business use case.

Quadrant Data Quality Dashboard

The dashboard contains a suite a quality metrics that provide a quick overview prior to running full evaluation analysis. This includes a world map view of monthly and daily active users, a data completeness matrix based on Quadrant’s internal completeness scoring system, and quality distribution charts.

You can read more on the new Data Quality Dashboard here.


Training New Data Scientists(students)

Quadrant was pleased to collaborate with Real Skills Education Australia to hold a data science workshop for students from leading Australian education institutions.

The students visited the Quadrant Singapore office on an educational overseas programme and enjoyed a day-long workshop led by Roger from our Data Science team, who taught them to work with data beyond the limitations of academia.

The students learned new ways to apply data science to its maximum capacity and got a sense of what it’s like to live a day in the life as a data scientist. At Quadrant, we are strong believers in education not being limited to academia and textbooks – get out there and have some practical experiences!

Data Workshop at Quadrant

We wish all the students who took time out of their studies to visit the Quadrant office in Singapore the best for their future endeavors as data scientists.


May Events

Turning to events, Quadrant was represented by Barkha at the developer conference Voxxed Days Singapore, where she gave a presentation on the overall state of blockchain in the data economy and shared her vision of how blockchain could be a game-changer for the data economy.

Finally, Quadrant was pleased to host the next edition of its monthly community meetup. This month, the theme was advertising. Presented by Roger and Qi Xuan, attendees were given insights into the importance of leveraging the right data for the right advertising use cases. You can read further on that event, as well as download the event material, here.


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The Quadrant Team



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