Quadrant launches POI Data-as-a-Service

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Quadrant, a global leader in location data and intelligence solutions, is delighted to announce its new Point-of-Interest (POI) Data-as-a-Service.

In today's increasingly complex digital economy, many modern applications and systems depend on POI data. From our engagements with customers across multiple industries, we have found that accurate POI data is a critical defining factor of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Both users and businesses need timely and accurate location information to find and deliver relevant services. Inaccurate locations in a ride-hailing or food delivery app are a constant source of user frustration. Businesses risk losing these customers to the competition and incur extra costs due to inefficient navigation or logistical systems within their digital platforms.

Quadrant's POI-as-a-Service is powered by our manual verification platform, Geolancer. Manual, on-the-ground verification solves most of the problems plaguing other POI data sets, including user errors, GPS inaccuracies, and outdated information. Our Geolancers add, verify, and update all the POIs manually, using our proprietary mobile application. The platform can be used to create bespoke data sets based on client requirements (for a specific area, for a category, or brand) or to verify a company’s existing POI data.

"For years, we have been looking for a good POI solution, especially in the fast-developing Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Most of them are quite inaccurate," said Mike Davie, CEO of Quadrant. "New domains in data science also require good quality POI input that companies like Google and other non-caching APIs don't offer. With Geolancer and manual verification, we offer authentic, accurate, and up-to-date POI data to companies in the ride-sharing, real estate, e-commerce, delivery and logistics and other location powered industries."

Location information is especially valuable now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the maps of businesses. Some companies were forced to shut down, and many moved online to sustain themselves. As the economy recovers and new POIs (Points-of-Interest) appear, companies will need accurate data to function, especially those in ad-tech, food and dining, communications, and navigation.

"Quadrant's goal is to create solutions for people and the businesses that serve them. With our POI offerings, our customers will finally be able to apply analytical models against large, accurate POI datasets, deriving meaningful and actionable insights," added Mike Davie. "With the increasing digital transformation of businesses, there is an enormous market need for quality POI data in the APAC region."

Quadrant maintains a manually verified, therefore highly authentic, accurate, and up-to-date POI database and is dedicated to delivering high-quality data sets that are ready to use. Combined with our expertise in location data solutions, we aim to be a holistic data partner for our customers.

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We have also published an eBook introducing POI data. In this free eBook, we introduce various use cases and discuss strategies that can help industries and governments make well-informed decisions.

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